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The Complete Udemy Instructor Mastermind
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Course Curriculum

219 Lessons (20h)

  • Your First Program
  • The Complete Udemy Instructor Mastermind
    The Complete Udemy Instructor Mastermind21:00
    How to Slow a Lecture Down or Speed it Up1:19
    How to Get More Promotional Announcements on Udemy to Sell More Courses5:55
    Doing this Every Morning Will Help You Create More in Demand Courses3:32
    Successful Udemy Instructor Insights10:05
    6 Things I've Learned Teaching on Udemy Full Time for 5 Years14:58
  • Recording Content and Making Videos
    How to Screen Record Videos for YouTube or Online Courses7:58
    The 3 Main Ways You Can Record Videos6:49
    The Best Starter Equipment for New YouTubers and Online Course Creators19:05
    Another Great Way to Record Amazing Videos3:33
  • How to Make Money Uploading and Selling Courses on Skillshare
    How to Make Money Uploading and Selling Courses on Skillshare1:22
    Full Skillshare Revenue Report (Consistent Passive Income Payouts)4:04
    Skillshare Course Checklist
  • How to Make Money Uploading and Selling Courses on Stack Commerce
    How to Make Money Uploading and Selling Courses on Stack Commerce0:44
    Why Should You Upload to Stack Commerce7:39
    Stack Commerce Instructor Terms & Conditions2:37
    How to Apply to Stack Commerce4:20
    How to Upload a Course to Stack Commerce4:14
    How You Get Paid on Stack Commerce (Revenue Share)2:33
    Where Does Stack Commerce Sell Your Courses2:48
    Stack Commerce Revenue Report (Stick with this Website!)3:25
    How to Add Descriptions Update1:47
  • How to Make Money Uploading and Ranking Videos on YouTube
    How to Make Money Uploading and Ranking Videos on YouTube1:18
    How to Setup a YouTube Channel for Beginners14:24
  • How to Make a Professional Thumbnail is 4 Quick Steps
    Why Click Through Rate is Important and How to Improve it with Thumbnails2:02
    How to Make a Professional Thumbnail Quickl1:07
    Best Software Programs to Achieve High Quality Thumbnails0:39
    Identifying Your Background & Image Theme2:14
    Resizing Your Image & Bringing it to Life5:43
    Layering, Quick Select, & Branding6:57
    Overlaying Text That Looks Great7:32
    Ordering Layers & Saving Your Picture with Metadata3:28
    How to Create Thumbnails Using Canva5:08
    How to Use Canva to Create Images for Social Media and YouTube Thumbnails6:51
    How to Apply What You've Learned2:10
  • There's Many Ways to Monetize Your YouTube Videos
    There's Many Ways to Monetize Your YouTube Videos0:45
    Ad Revenue11:37
    Affiliate Marketing5:14
    CPA Marketing4:30
    Brand Deals & Sponsorships10:02
    Sell Your Own Products6:33
    Sell a Service2:58
    Secret Clipping Content Strategy4:45
    Super Chat1:04
    Join (Donate) Button1:08
    Build a Legit Business3:28
    Software and Programs that Will Help You Grow Your Channel
  • How to Upload a YouTube Video Properly for More Views
    How to Upload a YouTube Video Properly for More Views1:34
    Evergreen Titles and Keyword Research8:21
    YouTube Descriptions7:10
    Links in Your Description4:36
    YouTube Tags4:46
    Thumbnail Secrets6:17
    Closed Captions and Subtitles for More Keywords and Info2:43
    End Screens and Cards6:39
    Adding to Relevant Playlists2:52
    How to Upload YouTube Videos using the New YouTube Beta Studio5:05
  • How to Post Your Videos to Facebook to Make More Money
    How to Post Your Videos to Facebook to Make Extra Money3:51
    How to Monetize Your Videos on Facebook with Facebook Creator Studio5:15
  • How to Post Your Videos to IGTV to Make Extra Money
    Why Posting to IGTV Will Make You More Money2:48
    Do You Need to Create Vertical Videos2:21
    How to Upload a Video to IGTV5:04
    How to Format IGTV Thumbnails4:49
    Mass Uploading Drafts & Sharing to Your Story2:05
    Target Following Hashtags Automatically to Gain Exposure5:01
    How to Monetize Your IGTV Videos2:13
    How to Use Link Tree to Get Multiple Bio Links on Instagram3:07
  • You Can Also Upload Convert Your Videos to Audio Files and Upload them as a Podcast
    Can Also Convert Your Videos to Audio Files & Upload them as a Podcast2:59
    Why Should You Start a Podcast3:37
    Why Use Anchor2:43
    How to Setup Your Anchor Account6:14
    The Different Ways to Record Your Podcast5:20
    How to Strip Audio from Video Content for Your Podcast2:58
    Uploading Your Podcast Episode & Placing Mid Roll Ads2:16
    Activating Sponsorships4:48
    Activating Listener Support3:43
    Tips to Make More Money on Anchor4:55
    Turning Other Content into Podcast Episodes3:29
    How to Grow Your Podcast4:34
    Recommended Audio Upgrades as You Scale Your Podcast2:46
  • How to Make More Money with the Same Videos on Amazon Prime Video
    How to Make More Money with the Same Videos on Amazon Prime Video1:56
    How Much Can You Make Uploading Videos to Prime Video Direct4:09
    Repurpose Content or Make New Content for Prime Video Direct2:56
    Standalone vs. Episodic4:20
    Images for Thumbnails14:50
    Downloading SRT Files & Uploading Captions3:34
    Important Things to Focus on When Creating Content for this Platform2:16
    How to Upload Videos to Amazon Video Direct Tutorial8:48
    Why the Difficult Barrier to Entry is a Good Thing2:15
    How to Scale2:01
    Why This is Such a Huge Opportunity3:03
    Amazon Video Direct Terms of Service2:46
    AVD Ratings Update1:10
    Charge for Your Amazon Videos2:04
  • How to Edit Your Videos with Shotcut
    Why Learning How to Edit with Shotcut Will Help You1:53
    Why Editing Software is Important4:09
    Best Way to Start1:30
    Adding Files & Ordering Files5:31
    Syncing an Audio File with Your Video File6:31
    Cutting Example #16:03
    Cutting Example #24:19
    Layering Different Video & Audio Tracks6:22
    Adjusting Sound Volume, Brightness, Contrast, etc...2:19
    Adding Transitions3:10
    Adding Music & Sound Effects & Where to Get Them6:27
    Hiding & Muting Certain Tracks2:24
    How to Add B Roll & the Importance of B Roll5:12
    Recommend Render & Export Settings2:34
    Using Playlists for Easier Workflow1:05
    One of the Benefits of Shotcut that NO OTHER Editing Software Has2:01
  • How to Edit Your Videos with Adobe Premiere Pro
    Why Learning How to Edit with Adobe Premiere Pro CC Will Help You1:51
    Why Editing Software is Important5:36
    Adding Files & Order Files for Your Workflow3:58
    Synced Audio vs. Adding a Video File & Audio File Separately2:17
    Cutting & Editing Your Video File9:33
    Effects Only Apply to That Section1:53
    Layering Different Video & Audio Tracks6:43
    Unlinking Audio & Video1:41
    Adding Text6:25
    Adding Transitions4:20
    Video Effects1:44
    Stretching Screen Size, Emphasizing Certain Parts of a Video, & Formatting Video for Instagram5:54
    Where to Get Audio & Sound Effects & How to Add Them6:07
    Adjusting Volume on Audio or Sound Effects2:48
    Speeding Up a Portion of a Video3:12
    Adding Lower Thirds & Graphics2:34
    How to Adjust Color, Saturation, & Distort a Video1:34
    Importance of B Roll & Keeping Audience Engaged Visually5:08
    Adding Keyframe & Jumpcuts to Keep the Audience Engaged6:25
    Color Grading & Brightening Videos3:59
    Recommend Render & Export Settings2:55
  • Ask Bryan
    The Best Advice for Recording Videos from a Phone for Beginners3:42
    The Difference Between Screen Recording Software and Video Editing Software and When to Use them3:47
    Clickbait and Click Through Rate Explained [YouTube Marketing]3:56
    How to Rank YouTube Videos in a Different Language1:58
    How to Pick Your Niche When Starting a YouTube Channel, Course, or Podcast1:13
    What are the Requirements to Monetize a YouTube Channel1:10
    How to Create Thumbnails for YouTube Videos1:58
    Is Tubby Buddy Legit or a Scam0:45
    How to Schedule a YouTube Video Properly1:01
    Monetizing Multiple YouTube Channels and Turning it into a Business6:03
    If Your YouTube Channel isn't Growing Should You Stop and Create a New One5:47
    Does YouTube Throttle Traffic to Videos with Affiliate Links1:50
    Do You Need an Affiliate Disclaimer on YouTube Videos0:53
    How Much Do You Make on YouTube with 25,000 Subscribers4:19
    Everything You Need to Know about Selling Courses on Stack Commerce6:51
    Ideal Video Length and How to Keep People Watching Longer3:25
  • Course Wrap Up

The Complete Udemy Instructor Mastermind

Bryan Guerra

Bryan Guerra

4.3/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Bryan Guerra is the Founder of Invert Media. He has an expertise in eCommerce, Online Marketing, & Customer Acquisition. Invert Media is an Online Education Company that specializes in Information Products that accelerate the success of aspiring Entrepreneurs so they can live the lives they want.


This course talks about all the things that you have to know and do for you to create your own courses in Udemy successfully, and at the same time, earn some money. Here, you will be taught how to sell, optimize and rank your courses for search and suggested pages on Udemy and Google. You will also be taught how to rank these courses against competing courses on similar subjects. By taking this course, you can expect to learn tools and strategies that will help you become a successful Udemy instructor. This will surely change your life and your income a lot.

4.7/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 219 lectures & 20 hours of content 24/7
  • Generate passive income with Udemy courses
  • Rank Udemy courses for Udemy & Google search
  • Optimize Udent courses for more students
  • Start a content business that pays you passively
  • Hit 100,000 students very quickly on Udemy
  • Pick winning course topics that have high student demand & low compeition
  • Do course research using Udemy instructor tools


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